Jed & His Mighty Camaro & Other New Art Werks

30/08/2011 § 9 Comments

A while back, Jed Drake, an old friend of mine from New Canaan, where we grew up among the high and mighty denizens of corporate-land, asked me to scan in a picture from our Senior yearbook so he could, I’m projecting here, luxuriate in the wayward youth of his high school years. New Canaan, for all of you not really interested in such things to know these facts already, was the home of Watson and Watson Jr, both of IBM fame, Noyes, who gave IBM, Mobil Oil and Westinghouse their look and feel, Johnson, he of the Glass House which is also in town, and Symington, Senator Symington to you, bub. Letterman lived there for a bit, Jack Paar too. Harry Connick Jr is a resident, as is Brian Williams, Glenn Beck, Paul Simon and Anne Coulter. Now there’s a group I’d like to see pull up to MacKenzies for the Sunday paper at the same time and bash it out with their views on the weeks events. Hey, I saw Letterman pull up there one Sunday, so it could happen.

Jed, back then, never did luxuriate in anything; he was passing through too fast to do any such thing, unless he had too many beers. Which was few and far between, as Jed never met a six-pack he couldn’t handle. But now, as a high-powered exec with many minions to handle and keep in line, including kids, I’m guessing he wanted to have that picture around to remind him of those 1970s. I got around to the scan too late — already on vacation, good scanner still in the office, time was not on my side, etc. — and so Jed got his wife to do it, which I didn’t know when I did finally scan it in at high-resolution and took the time to tweak the image a bit so it would look all dandy in his nice corner office.

That’s Jed there in the shadow of the window, huge freaking smile. Who wouldn’t what with that car, those cheerleaders, in that town? Yeah, yeah, it’s a Chevelle SS 396 w/ Cowl Induction, as Stu Young commented below, not a Camaro, as a handful of guys have since corrected me, not a Camaro. Like I knew cars back then? Or now? I could tell you who was in The Mothers Of Invention, that Max Ernst called his painting style, frottage–sexual innuendo embedded to disrupt the art establishment–and knew the words to Yes’ “Roundabout”, but don’t ask me what they mean. (While I could now ask Mr Anderson, as we rep him at Ted Kurland Associates, some youthful enthusiasms that I thought profound then should best be left unquestioned.) I could also tell you that since this was a bright sunny day, the shutter speed for this picture, if it was shot on Plus-X, was probably 200, with an f-stop of f16 or smaller. But cars, as you see, I knew a little more than squat. Which is one reason I’m taking the picture and Jed is in the picture. With the girls. Cowl induction? Sorry, but not in this kid’s lexicon.

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Listen To Your Parents And Then…

29/08/2011 § 5 Comments

Full disclosure here: I’m a parent. My eldest is currently at Boston University and another one who will be college-bound in a few years. I would love for both to land a job directly from one of their internships; with their freebie work acting like one long interview process. That would be very cool. And it happens. I’ve seen articles outlining the successes, where to apply for these programs and how students should consider doing that very thing in order to streamline their career path. I also know parents push their children to look for internships at prestigious companies with this very idea in mind. Don’t do it. For a whole cartload of reasons. Or at the very least, don’t expect anything and carry on like you will never get the carrot of the job they are dangling in front of you. Because you might not.

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You Don’t Know Anything and Your Ideas Are Worthless (No, Seriously, Get Used To It…)

23/08/2011 § 8 Comments

In your first job (out here in the business world) there will be times when people are not going to listen to you. Many times. Or worse, tell you how wrong you are to your face, if not in an all-caps email that gets circulated throughout the company. Get used to it because it never ends, even when you get that so-called “experience” under your proverbial belt. For whatever reason, and there are multitudes of them that I could not possibly list here and stay within my allotted 400 words. Let me just say the personal successes and failures of your co-workers and, most importantly for today’s blog, YOUR FUTURE BOSSES, gives them their own specific, personal tunnel-vision that you cannot expect to fully perceive, much less fathom. « Read the rest of this entry »

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