The Marketing Dance: Doing The Jerk

22/07/2014 § 2 Comments

Selling me crap in an email is justified, because I can label you junk and, hopefully depending on the reliability of my MacMail, never see you again. On TeeVee that’s a little different as I revel in a good advertisement, having been in that world for a bit back in the ’80s where I was even tapped to look at, and judge, animated commercials for the Clios. But sell me stuff on Facebook and LinkedIn, man, that’s like tossing a leaflet at my front door and having it end up on my lawn. I then have to go outside, take it off the lawn and walk to the back to throw it out. While I do need the exercise, is that anyway to get me to buy your stuff? By pissing me off? I don’t think you’ll find that method in any Dale Carnegie course.


So, why does anyone think they should advertise to me in social media? I’m not talking the soft-sell, like what I do (marketing, information, as opposed to lobbing a sales pitch over the bunker. “In-bound” marketing as coined by HubSpot, that “content marketing” thing.) Yes, there’s a potential world of goobers online who may possibly want to buy your–insert your “Hilary in 2016” and/or “Not Hilary in 2016” tstochke or some other equally appealing item–here. Or even how could you think someone would hire you with your plea to be considered hitting them at point-blank range? Especially if you inbox said someone, like me, who you have started to pester about a job without even asking if TKA has any jobs open! And, if we do, check the website.

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